4 Ways to Gear Up for the Fourth of July

June 15th, 2015

The Fourth of July is a time for summertime fun, glittering fireworks, and celebrating with friends and family.  For many families, that means traveling a considerable distance to celebrate with the ones they love.  Add that to summer vacations and travels and you're looking at covering some serious miles.  If you're making the drive this Fourth of July, make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge.  The only thing worse than rain on the Fourth of July would be a breakdown preventing you from getting to the party.  Here are a few ways to make sure your car is ready for summer travels:

Have Your OIl Changedtires auto repair pottsville russellville ar
It may seem like a no-brainer, but it's easy for little things like oil changes to slip your mind when you're planning summer vacations and holiday travels.  Regular oil changes are a small investment that ends up saving you cash and time.  Keeping your oil clean extends the life of your engine, protecting the critical components and helping to prevent the most common causes of breakdowns.  These few minutes at the shop can help your wallet at the pump, too; new oil improves lubrication, which reduces the friction that can have a negative effect on on your engine.  When it comes to oil changes, a little effort goes a long way.
Have Your Air Conditioning Checked
Hot summers can make for long car rides if the air conditioning isn't working properly.  Ensure that your summer travels will be cool and comfortable by having your heating and air conditioning system checked to be sure everything is in working order.  This would include a thorough inspection and system testing to make sure your holiday trips are fun for everyone. 
Have Your Brakes Checked
The Independence Day festivities make for some of the busiest roads of the year.  With everyone excited to get to their destinations, sometimes accidents happen.  One way to help prevent accidents is having reliable brakes that are in great shape.  A brake service check-up will give you the confidence of knowing that your vehicle will stop when the time comes.  
Have Your Wiper Blades Changed
We may hope for bright, sunny skies for Fourth of July fireworks shows, but sometimes life happens.  If you encounter summer showers on your drive, you need to be sure that you will be able to operate your vehicle with a clear windshield.   Having clear sight of the road is the key to safety during inclement weather, and a small investment and only a couple of minutes can make all the difference when bad weather hits.  
Despite all the fun, the Fourth of July can be a hectic time, and it's important that travel safety isn't forgotten in all the excitement.  Drop by the shop and let our technicians give you peace of mind this summer.
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